With all the busyness of the season combined with holiday parties, Delta Police are making the public aware that they typically see an increase in “relationship violence” calls around the holidays.

This season, Delta Police is launching a “You Deserve a Life Without Violence “Campaign, designed to support women and children who may be in a relationship with a partner who cannot control their anger or becomes physically or verbally abusive under stress.

According to police, women 15-24 are in the age range that sees the “greatest risk of relationship violence”. And women ages 25 – 34 are three times more likely to be physically assaulted by their spouse.

Delta police since have created a web resource to help those who live with these kind of scenarios at www.deltapolice.ca/victim .

They also say they are offering help to women, children, or anyone who is in an abusive relationship through Victim Services at 604 940 5019. Delta Police’s phone number is 604 946 4411. And in emergencies, call 911.

Photo Credit: Deltapolice.ca/victim