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We are in 2022 and this is the year of mental, physical health which includes your relationships! Friendship, partner, family relationships are all super important, but sometimes we find it hard to set boundaries and say no or step away form relationships that aren’t healthy. Well NOT ANY MORE! This is the year to focus on YOU and what’s good for YOU! So below are 5 signs of a healthy relationship and these can be in every aspect of your life!

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1. Respect

Mutual respect, of course, is crucial — but it’s easy to get lost in conflicting emotions when a relationship isn’t pure in nature. For a healthy relationship, respect is necessary for all parties, and for any boundaries that someone may set.

2. Consent

Consent is necessary for one to be safe in a relationship. For partners to expect something of each other, there has to be mutual consent. Consent should never be coerced, forced, or overlooked.

3. Communication

Communication is key. In a relationship, all should have the liberty to openly discuss their thoughts, ideas, and feelings — and feel safe in doing so. The flexibility to change your mind when desired, as well as the capability to resolve conflicts in a positive manner, is a must for any healthy partnership.

4. Support

Support is ultimately what defines a healthy relationship. No one should ever be undermined or taken advantage of. All parties should feel supported unconditionally.

5. Freedom

The beauty of a healthy relationship is freedom. You should feel the support of your partner without any strings of control attached. All should have the freedom to be who they are, to have their own interests and friends, and to make their own choices.Valentines Day Love GIF by Peanuts

Once you’ve built that.. Lets dive into the VDAY GIFTS!! If you’ve forgotten and are scrambling for last minute gifts, here are some of my personal recommendations

  • Their favorite meal or dessert delivered to them during the day
  • A bottle of wine
  • “Surprise reservations” to their favorite restaurant for the following weekend
  • Gift card for any sort of “self care” appointment – nails, massage, facial
  • Cook dinner for them & clean