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A Surrey man had a Christmas he’ll never forget!

Eric Emery won $1 million playing the Lotto 6/49 Christmas draw at the 7-Eleven on 200th Street and the Langley Bypass  (RIGHT BY MY HOUSE! WHY DIDN’T I BUY A TICKET!)

He jokes he’s been playing the lotto for as long as he can remember and that everytime he comes home his wife jokes and says ‘did you make me a millionaire’?











Finally on Christmas morning he broke the news and yelled ‘YES!’

Like most wives she didn’t believe him but after showing her the ticket she instantly started bawling.

The two plan to go out for a ‘good’ meal (Kobe steak anyone?”) and travel once they feel safe enough to do so.

After hearing this story, I gotta say I feel really bad.

Everytime my fiance Deryck and me walk by a gas station he always says ‘I gotta buy a lottery ticket!’ which is usually met with me saying what a waste of money it is.

I guess, it’s time to start shutting my mouth and BUY IT!!!!