Restaurants and other food services in Vancouver will no longer be required to add a $0.25 fee for single-use cups provided to customers with a free drink voucher. GOOD!

Here’s the story:

Vancouver City Council voted 7-4 on Tuesday. The relatively minor policy shift aims to help address the cost of drinks for individuals experiencing homelessness and other low-income individuals who are provided with vouchers. Since the start of 2022, when the single-use cup fee went into effect, the $0.25 fee has been applied to free-drink vouchers.

This was the second time city council voted on the bylaw change on Tuesday, with the first vote earlier in the day being a 5-5 tie that defeated the amendment.

The subsequent re-vote moved by NPA councillor Melissa De Genova involved Mayor Kennedy Stewart’s participation, and TEAM councillor Colleen Hardwick changed her vote to supportive (DailyHive).

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