More research is out on the importance of Honey Bee’s.
A new study from UBC shows that Bee’s can help pinpoint the sources of environmental pollutants.  The studied six hives around the province recently and tested the bee’s for things like Lead, Zinc, and Copper. They found that honey from areas with higher urban density or heavier concentration of industrial activity had elevated concentrations of certain trace elements that are indicative of human activity such as zinc, titanium, copper or lead.
That’s the bad news.
Good news is hives outside of our cities are extremely clean and the environment is very healthy. And more good news when they report we are, ‘well below’ the worldwide average for heavy metals like lead. We would have to eat two bog bowls of honey a day for our bodies to be affected negatively.
Bee’s really are our friends.
Now what about Wasps…Can some explain why we have to deal with Yellow Jackets every summer?