When was the last time you sat for an extended period of time? Didn’t move, just sat there? Think about that as I tell you the story of a man who sat and did nothing for 17 strait hours. Not really a big deal you say. How about of I tell you the man was on a plane travelling from Perth Australia to London England?  The University of Sydney did a study on passenger comfort on very long flights. Volunteers wore monitors to check their anxiety levels, sleep patterns, the ability to get over jet lag, and how many times they got out of their seat during the flight. This one volunteer never got up once on the 17 hour flight. How could he just sit there for 17 strait hours? When we fly, do we not need to use the bathroom, or stretch out your legs, or just take a short walk to get the blood flowing? Not this guy. Researchers were so impressed, they had to check to see whether his monitor was actually working properly. Hope they checked his pulse as well.