On this morning’s ‘Would You Rather’  Leah Holiove, Ian Power and myself discussed whether we’d rather cook or do the dishes. I have to say after years of having no dishwasher living in a shoebox in downtown Vancouver and Kamloops I have washed enough dishes to last a lifetime so cooking was an easy choice. However it wasn’t always this way. I used to hate cooking. In fact I think my worst experience was when a whole pepper cracker exploded into my casserole or when I had to call the fire department after an oven mitt caught fire in my stove’s secret broiler compartment. Luckily over the years my cooking has become more edible and now I find it’s actually quite relaxing to put on some tunes (Pulse FM of course) pour a glass of Shiraz, and put together a creation. That being said I feel for whoever has to clean up after me because unlike Leah Holiove I’m definitely a mad scientist in the kitchen. Who has time to clean and cook? If you want to cook up something different tonight this curried carrot and sweet potato soup or broccoli cheese soup is so good!  As for those days when you get home late and just want to cook something fast yet healthy this tomato chicken pesto dish is da bomb and so easy! Happy cooking.


– Vanessa