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In mid-February, a large ship carrying thousands of luxury vehicles caught fire in the middle of the ocean. They tried to tow it to a safe location but unfortunately not in time.. On Tuesday the ship sank with ALL the cars on board, but it sank on Tuesday.

When crews were notified the ship was on fire the car carrier was evacuated using a helicopter, and all 22 crew members on board were taken to a hotel in the Azores, Portugal, in good health. Efforts to anchor the ship in a safe area began on February 25, and no signs of oil leakage were observed at the time.

Two large towing tugs from Gibraltar along with crafts with firefighting equipment were sent to its rescue. They sprayed the ship with water cannons in hopes of extinguishing the fire. But on the morning of March 1, the carrier sank with all the Bentleys, Lamborghinis, Volkswagens, and Porsches inside it, leaving a small oil slick on the surface of the water….. UHM millions of dollars now sit at the bottom of the ocean..

The vessel alone weighed over 60,000 tonnes and was built in 2005.

Reuters spoke to insurance experts, who estimated that the incident could result in losses of $155 million… Who wants to go diving for cars?!

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