It seems that every time I scroll on TikTok or Instagram Reels these days, I’m seeing a particular “treat” every few videos.

The new food trend is officially WATERMELON CAKES!

Now, don’t get me wrong… I love watermelon… heck it’s probably in my top 3 favourites as far as fruit goes. But the fact that people are really saying that turning a watermelon into a cake will give the same effect as a normal cake and tricks your mind that you are having a treat while being healthy is BEYOND me. haha!

Here’d how you do it:

-Lay the watermelon down as you normally would and cut the sides of your watermelon off.
-Carefully cut off the peel around the watermelon so you are left with a cylinder of nothing but watermelon.
-Pop it in the freezer to harden it and make it less juicy for the icing process.
-Ice it with healthy whipped cream icing.
-Top with fruit.

Hmm… I have to admit – as I wrote that I was kind of thinking that sounded really good. Maybe I won’t knock it till’ I try it.

But here’s the thing… Many of these cakes LOOK like normal cake before you cut into it. Take a look:

If I knew it was a watermelon cake I would be like “oh wow thats so neat and innovative” but imagine going to a birthday party or celebration of some sort expecting a slice of delicious traditional cake and you’re given THIS.

You think having oatmeal cookies when you were expecting chocolate chip invades your trust issues?…. Imagine getting FRUIT when you were expecting cake. hahah!

But with all that said… yes I’m absolutely going to try this. It’s just so funny to me.

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-Kate Tattersall