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I had the opportunity to host a candidate’s debate here on PULSE of the Fraser this morning, and while both Kerry-Lynne Findlay and Gordie Hogg were here to tell us why we should vote for them in South Surrey-White Rock on December 11, there was no definitive moment to speak of.

Both candidates are capable, to be sure, and both have a wealth of experience to draw from.  But their ability to stay on script and not separate themselves from each other is most telling.

There wasn’t a moment when either candidate took it upon themselves to make a decisive statement, or to impose their view upon the other party…it was scripted, vanilla and non engaging.

When the ethics question came up, I gave Mr. Hogg every opportunity to tell us how he could be different from his embattled Finance Minister.  Instead, he told me three times that Mr. Morneau hadn’t broken any rules.

We know Mr. Morneau hasn’t broken rules, but we expect more from our politicians.  They know it, we know it, but Mr. Hogg refused to bite the hand that may feed him.  At one point he sat in his chair in silence…and then I figured out it was the rewind button was stuck on his ‘Mr. Morneau did nothing wrong speech’, and we moved on.

Ms. Findlay, like Mr. Hogg, is more than capable.  But I want MORE, and is that wrong?  I want a person who I know will speak for me in Ottawa, and I am uncertain that either will do anything more than collect a paycheque and be a part of the masses that are the Federal Liberals and Conservatives.

Difference makers get my attention.  Sadly, these candidates are so well rehearsed in party doctrine that there is no way they will speak their mind on my behalf in Ottawa unless the cue cards are there to nurse them through it.

I do not blame the candidates, I blame the system.  We have become a sound bite nation, and the only people allowed to speak with any kind of candor are the leaders.

Hopefully Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer will give us more on Friday…because today showed me why there is voter apathy out there.  No one defined themselves so why should we care?