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We’ve all heard about Big Bird right? Big harmless yellow thing that lives down the street?

Then there’s this other big bird from Africa, however, looks like it’s ready for a fist fit. Almost prehistoric. The Shoebill.

Basically this guy just chills in the swamps. When it gets hungry, the Shoebill will stand there, motionless, and wait for some poor baby crocodile to swim by. Then the bird will pounce forward, all five feet of it, with its massive bill wide open, engulfing its target along with water, mud and vegetation.

Clamping down on its prey, the bird will start to swing its massive head back and forth, tipping out whatever stuff it doesn’t want to eat. When there’s nothing but crocodile left, the Shoebill will give it a quick decapitation with the sharp edges of the bill (because of course it does) and swallow away.

But wait… there’s more.

They crap on their legs. Yep. They crap on their own legs because it keeps them cool.

Oh yeah, they are also gigantic.

They say, they’re no threat to humans but I’m not about to find out. This thing looks like it’s been hitting the gym hard.