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This Bud’s For You

By February 6, 2018News

Forget about a giant rodent predicting spring, the fact is it doesn’t matter so much whether a groundhog sees his shadow or not. What’s important is the ambient air temperature. Once the temperatures are steady above zero the trees become the true predictor of the coming season. It’s true and it can happen as early as late January on the West Coast when the trees begin to pollinate. And, when the trees begin their cycle of renewal so do the allergies often associated with Spring. This process can take place through the better part of May, but then we’re faced (or nosed) with grass pollens. In reality, allergies know no season, but they know where you live and if you’re allergic to tree pollens late January and February can be the worst months for weepy eyes and a runny nose. Don’t let this get you down because the only alternative I’ve been able to find is in the sub-zero, snowy climates of the prairies and farther afield to the East. I’ll take a tissue and an early spring to a down-filled parka any day. How about you? So, as you take a walk during your lunch break stop and do not smell the trees … this bud’s for you! Oh, and have a happy Spring!

Ian Power