This past weekend was no different than any other weekend, except something was missing. The weather couldn’t have been better as we slowly ramp up to spring. Maybe it was because of that recognition of spring that heightened my senses. It’s a time of renewal and yet something old was amiss. It wasn’t until I spoke with my brother that he reminded me that’s been two years since our dad passed. It was a bit of a body blow as I fell back into my chair. It seemed at that moment that it could not have been more than 6 months or possibly a year at best. But as the old cliche goes time flies. It sure does! In the last two years not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. Sometimes it’s for a whole day, others it’s mere minutes — but he is always there, always present. Yet, we can talk, though I try, asking his advise, but to avail. Wondering if he’d approve of my actions, my job, kids and so on. I realize now that I have never stopped seeking his approval, but it was always for the right reason, respect. I always put a great deal of weight on his words and always knew that no matter what I was likely going to learn something from this man, who in my eyes, had seen it all. Finally, I realize like all cravings, this too shall pass and I close my eyes and think of the joy he brought to my life. I remind myself to be generous, to a fault, like he was. Mostly, I pause and hope that one day I can live up to be as kind as he was. Because after all he truly was one of a kind. And, I miss him madly!