Time Magazine just reeled their 100 Most Influential People for 2018. The have changed the list from just one, ‘most influential’ to ‘100’ for some reason. But what they’ve also done is they’ve asked some well known influences and celebrities in their own right to write a shirt story about the 2018 Influential person. For instance, The 5 teens who are the faces of the Parkland Shooting – they are on the list – Barack Obama does the write up. Elton John writes about Prince Harry, Ted Cruz – Donald Trump (yep, he made the list ) Some other names of note: Meghan Markle, Nicole Kidman, Roesanne Barr, Jimmy Kimmel, Jennifer Lopez, Rhianna, Kehsha, Oprah, Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder) and Tesla founder Elon Musk – who is half Canadian. 

Canadians on the list include Justin Trudeau, and Shawn Mendes. To see the entire list go to www.time.com  

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