Two restaurants had their licenses suspended by the City of Vancouver until April 20th for not complying with BC’s provincial health orders.

The restaurants were warned that defying any of these orders would result in tickets, and could go as far as complete revocation of business licenses for the next five years.

Gusto’s and Corduroy Lounge received closure orders from Vancouver Coastal Health.

VPD reported that when provincial health officers went to Corduroy Lounge on Saturday to issue the closure orders, they were met with “Get out! Get out!” chants and cheers when they left.

In a video recording of the incident, the owner, Rebecca Matthews can be seen without a mask in a crowded indoor setting with an infant strapped to her. 

She got into an altercation with the inspectors telling them that they are trespassing as she doesn’t recognize their jurisdiction.

Matthews took to Instagram & said:

“The whole reason why we did this was not to make a couple extra bucks or because we think we’re better than anyone else and that we should open and everyone else to be closed, it has nothing to do with that. It’s because things need to change.”

“We’re here just to speak up for small businesses. Thousands and thousands have disappeared in the last year, and we can do better. That’s what we’re here for, we’re hoping to impact some change.” she further added.

BC Restaurant and FoodServices Association has reported that they have reached out to Matthews in order to advise her regarding her options and financial aid programs available to help support her and her business through the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Gusto’s owner Federico Fuoco said on Monday, “I don’t know how I’m going to survive this. I really don’t. I’m hoping that the government officials will re-consider.”

He expressed his intentions, stating, “I will comply with it and try to lobby the government in other ways and I hope they will reconsider, because this could kill my business. And it kills livelihoods.”

“It was never not to work with authorities. It was never done to make the public feel unsafe whatsoever,” he added.