Summer time is winding down, kids are back at school next week already! Where does the time go? I just came back from vacation and even though usually I feel down and sad because my vacation is done, I was excited this time to get back to work again. I missed my co-workers and I missed talking to all of you on the air. I would find things funny or interesting and I wanted to mention it to you guys on air the next day but I couldn’t, I felt like I was out of touch with everyone. Of course I still had Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. So how out of touch was I really? Not much.

However it was nice to be able to sleep in and not have a schedule, of course until they started construction on the other side of the street from my place. I had no idea until last week that our bylaws say it’s okay for construction to start Monday-Saturday from 7am till 10pm. To me that seems early and it seems late, if you have ever lived by construction you know what I am talking about. I had to put two earplugs in my ears and turn my conditioning on just to try and drown out the grinding and pounding they were doing.

It’s all good now that I am back to work though because I am getting ready at the time they start but to say I’m fully rested, well not really. Although it is always nice to unplug and just plug into yourself for a bit. I did get a chance to do that, once my cats stopped begging for food.

Oh to be at work again, I missed you guys!