I like food just as much as the next guy. Maybe even a little more. Some things just naturally go together: peanut butter and jam, butter and corn on the cob, fries and ketchup. But every once in a while, some wing nut decides to throw a wrench into the natural order of things. Mess up our food utopia.

For example, below you will find some real food combinations that people have actually claimed go good together. Maybe the covid-19 scare has messed with our taste buds. Maybe we should encourage further testing to see why these individuals claim such madness. Honestly, I can’t tell if the things on this list sound intriguing . . . or would make me throw up.  Maybe it’s both?

Cheap red wine and Coke ( It doesn’t work with good wine, apparently)

Baked Lay’s and the white candy stick from a packet of Fun Dip. (Who buys Fun Dip anymore?)

Bread dipped in Coke. (You would think the bread would disintegrate)

7 Up and milk. (My stomach is gurgling just thinking about that!)

Berries with sour cream and brown sugar. (Sour cream is kinda like greek yogurt no?)

A peanut butter sandwich dipped in tomato soup.  Chunky peanut butter recommended. (Again, this is utter nonsense)

Dark chocolate with parmesan cheese on top. (Well I do love chocolate and cheese soooo)

Salt and vinegar potato chips and brownies. (Seems like someone has embraced legalization a little too much)

Bacon wrapped hot dog in a bun lined with peanut butter, with chili on top. (Crazy talk. Straight up crazy talk)

Fried chicken with ketchup and gravy. (Fried chicken and gravy. Maybe. With ketchup? No)

What weird food combos do you enjoy?