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Let’s face it, when you become a parent life changes. As a parent, your definition of fun is…well…different. It’s not necessarily better or worse, but four out of five people say their lifestyle completely changed once they had kids.

So what changed?

1.  Stopped going out late.

2.  Made serious efforts to save money.

3.  Got a steady job.

4.  Saved to buy a house.

5.  Cut out irresponsible friends.

6.  Started going to the doctor more regularly.

7.  Started reading the ingredients on food labels.

8.  Moved out of the city.

The survey also found the majority of people started eating less junk food and stopped skipping meals once they became parents. Ummmm…I think I increased my consumption. I mean, when you have kids they always seem to find a way to bring candy into the house.