Ed Sheeran says that he has a new Christmas song coming out with non other than his good friend ELTON JOHN!  Apparently Elton wanted to write a NEW Christmas hit after hearing his timeless classic ‘Step Into Christmas’ last year on radio after is re-entered the Christmas music charts.  Elton called Ed, and asked him to help write a new song!  We don’t know what the song is called, or when it will be out, other than sometime this season, but with talent like these two have, we can expect it to be good!!

Whoopi Goldberg recently spoke out on The View about what it’s like dating a younger man!  The topic of age differences when dating came up following a reddit post that went viral, and Whoopi weighed in!  She said that while it can have it’s perks, it also has it’s drawbacks, noting that she had to spend time educating a younger man she once dated who didn’t know that Paul McCartney was a member of The Beatles!

Jake Gyllenhal was on the Howard Stern Show recently and Howard asked him about a time that filmed called THE GOOD GIRL a movie with Jennifer Anniston!  Jake told howard about how he loved it, and how it was torture at the same time, saying that he actually had a huge crush on Jen all those years ago, and that they had to work together on some very steamy scenes!  He said that basically everyone on set knew, and that Jen was very gracious and professional, and offered to put a pillow between the two of them during certain ‘scenes’, so that things wouldn’t get too close.  Check out the (Very old and very low quality) trailer!