Adele is everywhere these days, and for good reason, she’s about to release new music!! We’ve been waiting 5 years for a new record from her, and in that time a LOT has happened in her life!  She’s gotten divorced and gone through some big changes!  A lot of the new album is said to be about the divorce and how she’s dealt with it, and she even notes that it might cause some arguments between couples if they listen to it together!  She speaks out in the new issue of British Vogue that she’s currently very happy and in a relationship with sports agent Rich Paul, and that her weight loss transformation is something that she did for herself, and not because she got a divorce!  You can read the whole interview here.

Here’s few pics from the interview.  She looks great!


Madonna was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote her upcoming Madame X concert documentary film, and things got a little crazy!  She even managed to get onto Jimmy’s Desk!! Watch the interview! It’s crazy!


The Spice Girls are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the first album SPICE by launching a limited number of specialized merchandise, including a reissue of the album on cassette, which would be a very cool thing to have if you could find a cassette player anywhere!!

Jake Gyllenhal is speaking out about how even though he’s one of the biggest actors on the planet, he’s not about getting nervous from time to time! He told Howard Stern about how on the set of Spiderman Far From Home he kept forgetting his lines and he needed Tom Holland to help calm him down and help him relax.  See it below! (Caution, there are some swear words in this clip!)