Ricky Gervais defends ‘taboo’ humor amid backlash over ‘transphobic’ jokes

Ricky Gervais is standing steadfast amid backlash, doubling down on his defense of “taboo comedy” amid ongoing social media outrage over a series of jokes in his new Netflix special/ “SuperNature,” which many online critics deemed transphobic.

“I think that’s what comedy is for — getting us over taboo subjects so they’re not scary anymore,” the 60-year-old Emmy-winner told BBC One’s “The One Show” on Tuesday, the same day his special dropped on Netflix. “It’s like a parachute jump — it’s scary, but then you land and it’s all OK.”  “So I deal with everything. And I think we second guess the audience too much,” added the controversial UK comic, who said that most offense comes from fans conflating the jokes with the target.

His statement followed the release of the comedian’s latest special “Supernature,” in which the comedian mercilessly mocked the trans community.

Britney Spears Meets Up with The Weeknd & ‘Euphoria’ Creator Sam Levinson

In an Instagram posted on Tuesday , the 40-year-old performer revealed that she had met up with The Weeknd and Euphoria creator Sam Levinson, both of whom are working on a new HBO series The Idol.

“Clarity is such a beautiful WORD!!! No??? I choose to look at my hands when I’m searching for such???” Britney began her post.

“Here’s me today meeting the director of @euphoria today and @theweeknd,” she continued, sharing a short clip of herself smiling while standing between the pair.

The Weeknd left a red heart emoji under her post, while Britney‘s fiancé Sam Asghari commented, “New character in [Euphoria]?”  In 2021 it was announced that the “Blinding Lights” singer would be working with Sam to create The Idol, which centers on a rising pop star and her relationship with a Los Angeles club owner who controls a secret cult. The Weeknd stars in the series alongside Lily-Rose Depp.

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Ryan Seacrest’s Near-Wardrobe Malfunction on American Idol Finale Led to Mid-Show Underwear Change

Ryan Seacrest had to do a quick underwear change during a commercial break for Sunday’s season 20 finale of American Idol, when viewers noticed the pair he had on revealed a little too much.

The 47-year-old host opened up about the wardrobe switch on Monday’s Live with Kelly and Ryan, joking to co-host Kelly Ripa, “Apparently, America voted and said there was anatomy in the shot.”  “There was just panic about it, and we changed it,” Seacrest said.

Calling the experience, “a little embarrassing,” Seacrest explained he was alerted to the issue by Miles Siggins, his longtime stylist who is “in charge of the suits that I wear’ and “makes sure everything is lined up and buttoned.”  After kicking off the live show’s start, Siggins approached Seacrest and informed the broadcaster of the issue. “We go to commercial and he says, ‘Can I tell you something? We need to change your underwear,'” Seacrest recalled. “I said, ‘What do you mean we need to change my underwear?”

The problem was, Seacrest didn’t have a backup pair of underwear on him. So Siggins offered a swap.

“He says, ‘Don’t worry, I got mine,'” Seacrest said. “He’s English, so he has shorter, tighter ones…. They were tight, elastic underwear.”  Seacrest took Siggins up on the change. “It was in the middle of a live show! We go backstage during the commercial and find a little corner and I’m literally taking off my pants, off my underwear, and putting his on,” Seacrest told Ripa.

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Mandy Moore, Hilary Duff and Other Famous Moms Are in a “Cool Mom Club”

Mandy Moore, Meghan Trainor, and Ashley Tisdale are part of a “cool mom club” organized by Hilary Duff.  Mandy says, quote, “It’s so much fun.  I’m very, very grateful to have those resources and just incredible women to be able to lean on.”  Mandy says, quote, “Hilary . . . being the super-mom that she is, formed a cool mom club.  Somehow, I got invited into it and it’s the best.  I’ve made so many wonderful friends.  “We all just gathered earlier this week and had dinner and we have baby classes together and it’s incredible.”  She adds, quote, “It’s so much fun.  I’m very, very grateful to have those resources and just incredible women to be able to lean on.  We’re all kind of going through this chapter of our lives together.”

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