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Jennifer Lawrence Doesn’t Mind That Leonardo DiCaprio Made More Money Than Her on Their New Movie

Leo made more money for the movie “Don’t Look Up” than Jennifer, even though she’s top-billed.  But she says, quote, “Look, Leo brings in more box office than I do.  I’m extremely fortunate and happy with my deal.”  Sources say he got $30 million, and she got $25 million.

She added, quote, “In other situations, what I have seen . . . and I’m sure other women in the workforce have seen as well . . . is that it’s extremely uncomfortable to inquire about equal pay.  “And if you do question something that appears unequal, you’re told it’s not gender disparity but they can’t tell you what exactly it is.”


Pete Davidson sports giant hickey on neck on flirty date with Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Davidson were spotted getting dinner together, and a close-up photo of Davidson — obtained by the Daily Mail — shows a hickey on the left side of his neck, directly below his ear.

Kardashian, 41, and Davidson, 28, put their newest handiwork on display while spending a romantic dinner date together in Santa Monica, Calif., on Sunday. They arrived together in his Lamborghini SUV and entered a private room of the restaurant.

The two left hand in hand, and Davidson chivalrously opened the car door and guided Kardashian into the car. As soon as they were both settled, the two couldn’t stop giggling.

Pete Davidson Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live


Adele’s 30 becomes biggest-selling album of 2021 in US after three days

Adele’s 30 is already the biggest-selling album of the year in the US, just three days after it went on sale.

Using a metric that combines sales of vinyl, CDs and downloads alongside streaming, 30 has sold over 575,000 copies. Adele has overtaken the previous highest seller Taylor Swift, whose December 2020 album Evermore has sold 462,000 copies this year.



Details on why Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello split up

Looking for more insight into why Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello broke up? A source tells People that their vibe kind of just changed once their work schedules became more packed.

And if you’re wondering who initiated the split, a source previously told E! News that it was Shawn who got the convo going—but they both ultimately agreed it was for the best: “The relationship was getting stale and complacent and they decided they are better off being friends.”

Shawn and Camila announced their split in a joint statement on November 18, saying “Hey guys, we’ve decided to end our romantic relationship but our love for one another as humans is stronger than ever. We started our relationship as best friends and will continue to be best friends. We so appreciate your support from the beginning and moving forward.”