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Miss America Is Adding A Health & Wellness Portion To Make It All More Wholesome

The Miss America organization is once again trying to apply a sheen of wholesomeness and relevance to a hundred-year-old beauty pageant.

“Miss America is pivoting their mission to define women’s wellness as being based on optimal health, rather than physical appearance,” according to a recent press release.

We’re not completly sure what this means.. but the general theme of the announcement is clear: Miss America is trying to shift its priority away from physical appearance and toward health. Or at least trying to seem to be doing that.

Will this work? Probably not..

Miss North Dakota Cara Mund GIF by Miss America

Your First Look At These Highly Anticipated Movies: The Matrix Resurrections, The Many Saints Of Newark & Don’t Look Up

The trailer dropped this am for The Matrix Resurrections & people are loving it so far, take a look below!

“Before Tony Soprano, there was Dickie Moltisanti. The Many Saints Of Newark, in theaters and streaming exclusively on HBO Max* October 1. Watch the new trailer now”

Now this looks like a good one:
“DON’T LOOK UP tells the story of two low-level astronomers who must go on a giant media tour to warn mankind of an approaching comet that will destroy planet Earth. Written and Directed by Adam McKay.”

This is a star studded trailer and we can’t wait for it:

That’s right, you saw: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Timothée Chalamet, Jonah Hill, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Matthew Perry, Ariana Grande AND EVEN MORE celebs will be featured!
Black And White Movie GIF

Jessica Chastain Responds To Flirty Red-Carpet Pics Of Her And Oscar Isaac

Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac created a buzz with their flirty behavior as they walked the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival on Saturday. The pair, who were there to promote their HBO miniseries “Scenes from a Marriage,” held hands and nuzzled close to one another during their stroll.

Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac at Venice Film Festival

Of course this had the internet going crazy with cheating rumours (they’re both married) So Chastain had to clear it up..

“We’re acting, but also Oscar and I have been friends — we went to college together — so we’ve been friends more than half of our lives. We know so much about each other, so we know how to make each other laugh without even saying anything,” she continued. “We can almost read each other’s minds. It also means we could hurt each other really strongly. In the scenes, we would know how to get to the other one.”

And then she posted this:

Sounds like another Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper Star Is Born Situation…

jessica chastain wink GIF by Golden GlobesEpisode 7 Movie GIF by Star Wars

Camila Cabello Took 2 Tequila Shots To Calm Never Before First Date With Shawn Mendes

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes have been together for two years now, but back when they had their first date, Cabello was so nervous that she had to sing it out. On Wednesday’s The Late Late Show With James Corden, the 24-year-old admitted what her pre first date secret is..

“I swear to god, before Shawn and I’s first date, I was so nervous I took two tequila shots and sang ‘Defying Gravity,'” Cabello said.

A good song & 2 shots of tequila to calm the nerves. Honestly, haven’t we all been there!!

Camila Cabello Tongue GIF by Radio Disney

Nick Cannon Says He Isn’t Done Having Kids.. He Has 7.. With 4 Different Women