Kim Kardashian Has Officially Filed For Divorce & Apparently Everything Is Surprisingly Going Well

Nick Jonas Is Releasing A Solo Track?! PLUS He’s Hosting & Musical Guest of SNL This Week… BY HIMSELF

Nick Jonas is branching out on his own once again and making both his brothers ‘Jealous’ while he does it. (I’m kidding I have no idea if they’re Jealous, I just wanted to throw that song reference in..)

Nick Jonas teased a new single on his social media:

And we all remember the last time Nick Jonas released solo music… him and his brothers didn’t talk or get along for a LONG time. Hopefully that is not the case this time, it sounds like during quarantine they all decided to work on some solo stuff, the boys had even recorded an album all together last year but decided to hold off because of quarantine. WHO knows if we’ll ever get to hear that, if the Jonas Brothers are officially broken up BUT I guess we will find out. And for now we can enjoy another Nick Jonas solo career moment.

The Gravity Challenge IS The Latest Viral Challenge and It’s HILARIOUS – We Even Tried It..

The latest viral challenge social media is called ‘THE GRAVITY CHALLENGE!’ It goes like this… You drop down to your elbows, bring your hands to your face, and then put your hands behind your back. Apparently women can do it no problem, but for men its practically impossible. Something to do with a difference of where our center of gravity is. We tried it, and well at least one of us could do it ….

Try it for yourself!!! But maybe put a pillow or something soft underneath you…

Michael Bublé Is Shouting Out BC & One Of His FAV Fav Spots To Eat

Michael Bublé is sharing the love for one of Canada’s longest-running restaurant chains. The Grammy Award-winning artist took to social media on Sunday to shoutout White Spot, calling it a “legendry” spot to have a burger and Caesar.

When we get through Covid and it’s safe to travel, bring your beautiful family to British Columbia, Canada. Don’t miss out on @whitespot_restaurants , a Legendary place to have a burger & Caesar.
#hometown #childhood #noplacelikehome

-Michael Bublé

Someone Sent A Mariachi Band To Ted Cruz’s House To “Bring Him Back To Cancun”

Somebody hired a mariachi band to swing by Ted’s Houston home yesterday, where the fellas were cranking out Mexican tunes from the sidewalk, quite loudly — with a crowd of neighbors and spectators forming around them and enjoying the vibes.

Ted Cruz was called out last week for flying to Cancun wit his foamily meanwhile Texas was freezing and people were dying. He quickly jumped on a  flight home the next day and came up with 743824786427364 excuses about why he went. He tried to do some sort of damage control and posted photos of himself handing out water and BBQing for firefighters…. nice try.

Ted Cruz Posts Pics of Himself Delivering Water to Texans

Ted Cruz Posts Pics of Himself Delivering Water to Texans

Then some hilarious person hired a mariachi band to show what Ted was missing in Mexico…… It’s going to be tough to dig himself out of this one