Kanye West Is Coming Out With A Home Goods Line

Following the release of his highly anticipated and long-delayed album “Donda,” the rapper, 44, seems to have his sights set on a new endeavor.. a line of home goods.

Legal documents show that the rapper’s company Mascotte Holdings Inc. filed to trademark the name “Kanye West” for a myriad of home décor products.

The application, filed on Aug. 27, covers a variety of items including blankets, shower curtains, pillowcases, towels and textile wall hangings.

I can’t tell if they are going to be super bland home goods or have Kanyes face all over them.. Either way I can’t wait to see

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The Wire Actor, Michael K Williams, Found Dead At Age 54

Michael K. Williams — who portrayed notorious stickup man Omar Little on “The Wire” — was found dead of a suspected heroin overdose in his Brooklyn penthouse Monday afternoon.

Williams, 54, was discovered face-down and unresponsive in the dining room of his luxury Williamsburg pad with what appeared to be heroin on the kitchen table, sources said.

He was very open about his battle with drug use, and he used his eventual fame to promote social justice, becoming an “ambassador for ending mass incarceration’’ for the American Civil Liberties Union in 2015.

“I could have been Eric Garner. I could have been Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin,’’ Williams told the Guardian, referring to three dead black men whose law enforcement-related fatalities helped fuel the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Ed Sheeran Is Releasing A New Song ‘Shivers’ Coming Out On Friday

Ed Sheeran is releasing a new song ‘Shivers’ that will be off his upcoming album ‘=’ out October 29th. ‘Shivers’ is out this Friday at midnight EST so we get it at 9pm in BC! Take a listen to the teaser below! It’s super fun!

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Jeff Bezos Is Backing A New Anti-Aging Company

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is among a group of investors backing a new anti-aging company.

The company, Altos Labs, is working on biological reprogramming technology to essentially prolong human life, according to MIT Tech Review.

A Russian-born billionaire tech investor, Yuri Milner, and his wife, Julia, have also invested in the company, according to the report. Milner, known for investing in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and Airbnb, is worth about $4.8 billion, according to Forbes estimates.

Altos was incorporated earlier this year in the United States and the United Kingdom and has plans to create institutes in California, Cambridge and Japan, according to the report.

It’s also reportedly seeking university scientists with deep pockets dedicated to researching how to reverse the process of aging cells… kay Benjamin Button.. Lets calm down a little here.

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Simone Biles Claps Back At Haters Calling Her A Quitter

“I can’t hear you over my 7 olympic medals” said Biles in a recent Instagram post, reflecting on her time in Tokyo at the 2020 Olympics. She said people still call her a quitter after she backed out of a few competitions to focus on her mental health, check out her amazing post below in response to all of it!

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Marvel’s ‘Shang Chi’ Crushed Box Office Expectations

Marvel released its first Asian superhero film, ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten rings’ and it KILLED it at the box office!

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Prior to the debut of Marvel’s “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” Disney CEO Bob Chapek called its old-school theatrical release an “interesting experiment.”

The “experiment” in question: Would enough people show up to their local multiplex to see the latest Marvel movie to justify keeping the $200 million-budgeted film in theaters without an immediate backstop on Disney Plus? Overall ticket sales have been depressed in the pandemic, and the studio’s superhero installments typically open to more than $100 million in non-COVID times.

This weekend’s box office tallies revealed that, yes, even with the delta variant raging, “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” could deliver movie theaters a much-needed jolt. The 25th entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe had a bigger debut than the studio initially reported, collecting a mighty $90 million over the four-day Labor Day holiday weekend. Which smashed the holiday weekend record previously set by 2007’s “Halloween” with $30.6 million… So amazing!