Coordinator Of Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony FIRED A Day Before They Begin…

Iryna Shayk and Jason Sudeikis Spotted Out Hugging… New Romance?

Jason Sudeikis was spotted out with model Irina Shayk following reports that her and Kanye Wests  short little fling is now over (she was previously married to Bradley Cooper). The duo was spotted at the Hunt & Fish Club in New York City, gathering for a mutual friends celebration. Jason and Irina hugged outside the venue & I know it’s not much but you put two beautiful & newly single people in the same room… I mean something is bound to happen.

MIORE IMPORTANTLY.. Ted Lasso season 2 comes out FRIDAY!!

Seth Myers and Lorde Go Day drinking & It’s HILARIOUS

The “Royals” singer, Lorde, appeared on Wednesday night’s show, following in the boozy footsteps of Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson and the Jonas Brothers by spending the day drinking it up with the late night host.

“I’m nervous,” she admitted before they really started to quench their thirsts by drinking a Fosters, the closest thing Meyers could find to a New Zealand beer in celebration of the singer’s homeland. That was followed by her “drink of choice,” a martini, before he made some cocktails inspired by her song titles. The segment ended with Meyers slurring nearly every word as he belted out her “Green Light” with one very energetic performance.

Lorde then confirmed that you indeed get VERY drunk during this segment, and it is NOT just for show.. She even said she had to get liquid IV sent to her room the next day to fill her body with water to help with the hangover.

Watch the full thing below!

Eric Clapton Will Not Performing At Any Venues That Ask For a Vaccination Card

Eric Clapton said he will not perform at any venues that require attendees to prove that they’ve been vaccinated against Covid-19.

Clapton issued his statement in response to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement on Monday, July 19th, that vaccine passes would be required to enter nightclubs and venues. Clapton’s statement was shared via the Telegram account of film producer and architect Robin Monotti, who has also been skeptical of the Covid-19 vaccine and expressed other doubts about the U.K. government’s response to the pandemic. (Clapton previously shared a message about his “disastrous” health experience after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine on Monotti’s Telegram page.)

“Following the PM’s announcement on Monday the 19th of July 2021 I feel honor-bound to make an announcement of my own,” Clapton said. “I wish to say that I will not perform on any stage where there is a discriminated audience present. Unless there is provision made for all people to attend, I reserve the right to cancel the show.”

… And the vaccine drama begins

Jeff Bezos Says He & Richard Branson Aren’t Having A Billionaires Race To Space Competition.. Really?

Apparently 2 billionaires going to space in the same week for less time than it takes to go to grocery store WASN’T actually just so they could say “they did it first”… (yeah right).

Bezos says that he has a way bigger plan for ‘Blue Origin’:

For Bezos, Blue Origin’s suborbital tourism missions are merely a bridge to much grander ambitions for cosmic adventure. In his view, Earthly civilizations are headed for an energy-supply crisis that can only be solved by harnessing extraterrestrial resources. And, according to Bezos, “we really have to move heavy industry and polluting industry” — things like energy and microchip production — “off Earth.”

“It won’t be done in my lifetime,” Bezos told CNN’s Anderson Cooper. But he envisions Blue Origin will create new technologies that start paving the way there, such as reusable orbital rockets much like those that SpaceX already operates. And the New Shepard suborbital vehicle that Blue Origin developed helped inform the design of a moon lander that could be used to support commercial operations on the moon, such as mining water ice for rocket fuel or other deep-space projects.

Now all of this does sound great, but let me remind you. Bezos went to space for 11 minutes & came back wearing a cowboy hat… You tell me that isn’t a billionaire trying to compete with the other.

Jonas Brothers Challenge The Hemsworth Brothers To UFC Match… Jokingly

Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas, appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote their special, Olympic Dreams Featuring Jonas Brothers. While visiting, Joe joked that the brothers were inspired from all of the recent YouTuber boxing matches.

“We’re going to have a big UFC match,” he said. “It’s gonna be us vs. the Hemsworth brothers. The Hemsworths haven’t e-mailed us back yet, but I think it’s gonna be big.”

Jimmy Fallon responded that maybe there are other Hemsworth brothers they could fight. Joe answered, “A little bit closer to our height as well.”… BECASUE lets be real, the Jonas brothers would get destroyed against the Hemsworth’s… Chris is LITERALLY Thor & The Hulk…