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It is the oldest question in relationships:

When is the right time?

It is multi-faceted; when is it the right time to ask him/her:

  • Out on a date
  • Out on the next date
  • To have sex
  • To move in
  • To meet the parents
  • to meet the kids
  • to get married
  • to start a family

…and on and on and on.  With relationships, the right time is different for everyone.  I’m not a relationship guru at all, but is speaking with a number of great guests on PULSE of the Fraser, from Deanna Cobden (dating coach), to Jill Sinclair (host/author) to Maureen McGrath (nurse/sexual health expert) and others, the path on all of these questions is clear.

You need to have the conversation. 

That may mean you have to put your self out there and be vulnerable, but if you cannot be honest in your relationship, then you will always be in the weeds waiting for the shoe to drop.

If you want to go on a date…ask the person.  If it is the right time, then great.  If not, find out when and if you cannot, then move on.

My wife always laments the fact that both men and women find it difficult to come to the conclusion that sometimes ‘they just aren’t into you’.  So why not find out early and get it out of the way…it will save you the time and the anguish.

Everyone of the questions above can be dealt with through conversation, just understand that you have to be honest with yourself about what the expectations will be.

You may not want to hear that now is not the right time to hit the sack…but at least if you don’t get to that destination right away, you will hopefully get the road map.