Everyone loves to talk about the weather. It’s the one thing we all have in common. And, usually, most of us have pretty strong feelings about the weather. Think about it how many times do you secretly adjust the thermostat at work or even at home because you can’t agree on what the perfect temperature should be. For the record, I prefer the indoor temperature to be no greater than 18 degrees, regardless of the season. In fact, WebMD recommends 18 as the perfect temperature for sleep. I must be extremely warm-blooded because I tend to keep my bedroom at 16 degrees Celsius. Imagine my surprise when the BBC Radio contacted me, to talk about, the weather. Seems they have been having a horrible winter with rain, wind, a bit of snow and cold temperatures. Apparently, they wanted to talk to a Canadian because, as their logic ran apparently if there was ever a person who knew how to cope with winter they would have to be Canadian. Of course, where we live winter is not too difficult to “cope” with. It takes someone willing to go out on a limb that you want to tell. Fast forward to my overseas conversation with Mike Buxton cohost of the morning show over there in Surrey England where he explained with a stiff upper lip that they have around 2.5 centimetres and that the city has practically ground to a slow trickle. I simply explained that we never get snow in such high quantities. That we have 4 seasons and that we adjust quite well to the needs each one offers. When I told them we had 30 cm of snow last week, they nearly fell out of their chairs. With 30 centimetres we persevere, with 3 centimetres they shut the entire city down. All kidding aside it turns out that their weather is exactly the same as ours, more or less. And, just as we do, it turns out the Brits love to talk about the weather too.

Ian Power