Have an extra $28.8 Million lying around? Like a Tuscan style home? No need to go anywhere, there is a place for you right here in Surrey. Built in 2014 and sitting on almost 80 acres, the 13,000 sq/ft Mansion comes with a few aded amenities like:  A Helipad, Two Lakes, Amphitheatre, A White Sand Beach, a 10 acre Vineyard, 8 bathrooms, 8 fireplaces, 13 bathrooms. It is the most expensive listing South of the Fraser. Frankly, unless you’re a family of 15-20, why would you need something like this? Perhaps it’s because I grew up in a smaller modest home – it’s all I need. and, if we’re being frank, if you had that kind of money, would Surrey be your first chaise to build such a property? The Real Estate agent says there have been bids and all over the asking price. And all Canadian buyers. Not surprised, who could afford the foreign tax on such a Palace? And f you’re wondering why the owners are selling after budding the property on 4 years ago, they say they’re looking to downsize. Perhaps they’ll go as far 10-12,000 square feet?