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Do you find yourself reaching for the same few staple items in your kitchen? We spend so much time cooking and planning meals, that often many households have a few go-to recipes to whip together during the week! From olive oil, to potatoes, to tomato sauce, there always seem to be those same ingredients in the weekly rotation.

Jas and Vanessa discuss their must-have kitchen items, which includes a huge variety of foods!

Jas’ go-to ingredients are sea salt, Italian seasoning, cilantro, salmon, cereal, PB, almond butter, and sprouted bread! She also always keeps cauliflower and carrots in her fridge so she can sneak them into the homemade mac n cheese she makes for her kids!

Vanessa always stocks chicken broth, avocado (the gigantic ones from Costco, of course), garlic, onions, and vanilla ice cream for a nice treat!

Whether it’s a quick sauce to add to your meals, a staple produce, or a yummy snack, we all have those key ingredients that make life just a little more delicious.

What are some staples in your kitchen and pantry that you absolutely cannot live without? We’d love to hear from you!

Tune in below to hear more about Jas and Vanessa’s favourite treats and ingredients!