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When I left work yesterday I noticed that not-quite-but-almost winter chill in the air.
Did you notice that too?
It wasn’t just you and I, it was cold out there last night.
Matter of fact
We broke a record.
A 59 year old record.
YVR reported a low of +1.
In 1960 the previous record was set at +2.9c.

And that’s not all.

Waking up this morning you probably noticed frost on the ground and possibly on the vehicle if you park it outside.
We’re a month early for that too.
(Don’t usually get frost until November according to those in the know)

And learned a great tip from a tweet read earlier today.
Did you know that if you have problems with your windshield fogging up when you start it i the morning because of the cold, a good way to take care of that problem – other than cranking the heater fan to the highest setting – a good way to rid yourself of the fog is by wiping it down with a chalkboard eraser.

(I know right???)

Hello Amazon!

More cold coming this evening with lows expected to be pretty close to breaking yet more records held for decades.

Stay warm.