Parenthood is a series of stages.  Now that all my children are school-aged, I was enjoying this stage of having all three kids in one place!  One drop-off, one location, one phone number, one set of secretaries to be nice to!

Now that all changes as my son goes to high school.  Now I have to remember a whole different set of times, days, and people. I am guessing there are less crazy hair days in high school, and hopefully he will be the one to remember the important dates and times… but you can never be too sure with kids.  Because they’re still kids!

It’s also a whole new set of technology.  We got an email from school telling us to log into a timetable. Huh?  My son claims the information was given to him on a piece of paper.  In February.  Do we still have that paper?  No.  Everything is automated but if you don’t have that first key piece of information, you’re at the mercy of the school secretaries during business hours ONLY!

Picking lockers, checking courses, everything is online and not super user-friendly.  So we’ll all have a steep learning curve with this one.

At least I don’t have to pay for school supplies for high school… Oh but wait.  Just got an automated phone call to follow up on the email was sent through – it’s time to pay your school fees.  Don’t worry you can pay online through this easy link – once you are all set up in this system!

Oh – and textbooks are extra.   You’ll be buying those once they begin.

Well, at least no more lunch making since my son said he’s going to eat at the cafeteria or one of the nearby restaurants.  Until he realized that one meal would cost a week’s allowance.  So I guess I’m back to lunch making for 3 kids.

On the bright side, in Surrey we just have elementary and high schools, so it won’t be like some cities with middle school where I could be dealing with three systems at the same time!