The word ‘balance’ has been stuck in my head since Friday (or, since the beginning of time really) after attending an #IWD2019 event. This year’s theme is #BalanceForBetter. The phrase is directed at corporations and organizations talking about the balance of women in senior leadership roles and on boards… but this is about me y’all.

Balance is something we all chase in life, and it really feels like something that everyone else has really mastered when you look at social media.  Even when people are posting about not having balance, they are posting something where they still look adorable when stressed.

I have been working on huge projects with sharp deadlines and balance is nowhere to be found.  I’ve seen the inside of a gym maybe twice since February. The weather has been freakin’ stunning and I’ve been head down, working away on one thing with my brain screaming at me about another thing.

I’ve been taking forced breaks of fun (mostly so that my kids aren’t totally facing screens at all times, oh and so I can post SOMETHING on social media – for real).  But my mind is still thinking about my checklists and to-do’s. I watched my kids sit and stare at the water and I snapped a pic to remind myself I need to be able to do more staring and soaking in of all these moments without a ticker tape of tasks running through my mind.

My biggest and most unwieldy project is pretty much done as of tomorrow morning and I am looking forward to a re-set and a once again attempt at balance!

I have a concrete plan for this which I’ll share in another blog (oooh the suspense…) but here’s a shocker: it involves saying “no”. I know tons of you mamas have faced this (not to be gender specific but personally I know my husband doesn’t have a problem saying ‘no’).