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Whether it’s for an ex or for someone with a great sense of humour you can now get some revenge in a new BC SPCA fundraiser timed with Valentine’s Day.

To raise “urgently needed” funds for abused, injured and homeless animals, the organization has come up with a “lighthearted” way to recognize someone in your life.

“This Valentine’s Day, make a donation and comment with the name of an ex, a frenemy, or that bff with the quirky sense of humour, and we will write their name in the bottom of a litter box. Our shelter cats will do the rest. In these crazy times, we all need something to make us laugh a little.”

-BC SPCA rep Charly Jarrett.

Through Feb. 14, the fundraiser takes place at BC SPCA locations in Surrey, Vancouver and Tri-Cities. Money raised will provide “a life-saving difference for animals in our community,” Jarrett added.

The BC SPCA aims to protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in B.C. Last year in the province, the organization says it helped more than 118,000 animals in need. So amazing!

So get some revenge all while helping animals this Valentines Day!

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