It’s tough to admit that we’re amidst losing Summer and moving into Fall, but getting caught with a problem amidst a busy time for trades, or ourselves, is worse. Taking even a few minutes now to prepare for the seasonal change will definitely save hours of grief when the timing isn’t good.
Forced air furnace – Change filter at the least, and clean the ducts out at best. Take the time to also check for cold air intakes for little animal hide-outs. If the furnace hasn’t been serviced within the past two years, have a licenced and certified technician to come in to inspect and clean it, particularly if it’s more than 10 years old. Hydronic heating may need to be flushed Check thermostat batteries and settings (change from summer to heat setting)
Clean fireplace if you have a wood-burning. Have a professional inspect it if it’s well-used and older than 20 years. Gas fireplaces – like the gas furnace, have a professional inspect and clean it.
Gas appliances in the home; check / replace / install CO detector. Should be changed every 7 years regardless.
Weatherstripping / insulation around doors, letter slots, windows, attic / crawlspace access.
Reverse the ceiling fan direction to circulate the air upwards
Clean out the gutters and downspouts to get a head start for the rainy season. While up the ladder, check the roof for loose/missing shingles/tiles.
Check for critter entrances around the roofline, soffit areas, and even down on the ground near garage doors.
Winterize the summer lawn care equipment and tune up the fall /winter equipment.
Drain irrigation lines. A professional may be needed her to blow out the lines.
Fix / seal cracks in driveway before the rain gets in and erodes the earth beneath.
– Steve Seaborn