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Like many new Moms my daughter’s birthday is two weeks away and I’m kinda freaking out.












I’ve never been a big ‘detail’ person, I’m pretty chill overall, but for some reason I just want the day to go perfect and be so much fun for everyone invited.

My questions:

Should I serve one giant cake or cupcakes? Or maybe I should just get a really small cake for the birthday girl and that’s it? Do people even eat cake anymore?

Should I serve booze for the ‘big kids’ or will that be frowned up? Should we play kids games or just keep it chill?

Sigh, first world problems! Still, turning one is a huge deal and you want to do it right!

Luckily you, our avid Pulse listeners and Facebook followers, stepped up to give me some awesome advice and feel more relaxed about the whole thing!















‘This Vancouver Mom’ blogger Maria Reynolds also called in to the Pulse studio with some great tips, take a listen!