Since Canada Day is right around the corner, we thought we’d kick things off with some Canadian pride!

Here are some fun facts about Canada!

You can find Canadian classic foods all over the world

The Canadian staple, Tim Horton’s can be found all over the world now! You can pick up a double-double in the Philippines, USA, China, and even Thailand!

In Korea at the Rocky Mountain Tavern, they serve the Canadian classic poutine or beaver tail!

The person who wrote the Canadian national anthem moved to the states

Yep, Calixa Lavallée, the writer of O Canada, eventually moved to Boston where he passed away. Where’s the Canadian pride in that?!

Canadians love beer...THIS much

This Canada Day weekend, Canadians over 19 are expected to guzzle 1.2 million litres of beer!

Clearly us Canadians know how to celebrate!