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The TV series “Peacemaker” has been renewed for a second season!!!!

“Peacemaker” was filmed in and around Cloverdale and Surrey for several months in the spring and summer of 2021. The series is a Suicide Squad spin-off with John Cena starring as Peacemaker, “a ruthless killer who believes in achieving peace at any cost.” Gunn directed the series as it explored the origins of the Peacemaker character.

Paul Orazietti, the executive director for the Cloverdale BIA, said the series benefited Cloverdale.

“They spent a lot of money here, but they also donated to the community. The series also sets Cloverdale up as a tourist destination for fans because they want to come and see the local places it was filmed.”

He said he’s met fans from all over the world that came to Cloverdale just to see set locations for “Smallville” and other movies and TV series. He thinks the same will happen for “Peacemaker.”

John Cena Yes GIF by HBO Max