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As B.C. announces a change in the number of visitors people in long-term care can have at this point in the pandemic, the province’s top doctor says she may soon announce a plan to begin easing COVID restrictions.

“We can look very soon at starting to gradually ease restrictions in the weeks ahead. As we’ve done previously … it will be increasing the dimmer switch, gradually turning up the dial so that we can do this cautiously and not put people at risk as we’re getting close and closer to the end of this wave.”

-Dr. Bonnie Henry

She did add that it would not be a flick of the switch.. It will be a slow progression

The current restrictions are set to expire on Feb. 16.

Meanwhile, all seniors and other people who are in long-term care facilities in B.C. can now have two visitors, regardless of whether there’s an outbreak or if there’s some COVID in that facility or the transmission rates in the community.