Have you ever sent a message to a celebrity?

Sometimes I find myself tweeting or commenting on celebrities’ social media post – as if they’ll ever see it, and then there is some serious excitement when you get that “like” on a comment or a tweet!

With social media and binge watching, it sometimes feels like you really “know” celebrities.  I recently binge watched “The Good Place” on Netflix.  Follow that up with Kristen Bell’s funny appearance on Ellen and next thing you know I’m watching her Instagram stories and feeling like I’m sitting there on the set!

I guess I let the excitement that they’re working on Season 3 get to me and felt compelled to send her a DM saying “I love this show!  You’re so funny on the show, and on Ellen, and you’re one of the comedy greats!” or something over the top.

I believe the kids call it “fangirling”?

Anyway, I got to wondering how many DM’s celebrities get?  Do they respond?  Is it really them or do they have an assistant shuffling through them?

I felt a bit silly as a grown woman sending what amounts to fan mail… but hey!  I’m really just sharing some positive vibes! I’m just going to keep going along my merry way and messaging whoever posts something worth responding to!