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Anyone who knows me knows I’m a Sex and the City fanatic.

I must’ve watched the show 20 times. Whether you’re down, happy, tired, bored, watching it is like a warm hug. Always feels good and never gets old!

Like most fans I was so sad when its spinoff series ‘And Just Like That’ released on HBO Max ended last month, but what is this?! A documentary now on the show?! Hold onto your Manolo Blahnik’s, can life get any better?

After putting the baby down Tuesday night, with the fiance at hockey, I had a whole two hours to myself to binge the documentary and let me say it did not disappoint!

The 120 minute doc takes you ‘behind the scenes’ of what went into making ‘And Just Like That.’ Part of that is they take you behind the scenes into the vault where all of the outfits worn in Sex and the City remain to this day. Some of the costume designers even pulled out quite a few to show the camera, the doc cutting to the exact time in the show where the outfit was worn,  cool, like this iconic one in the opening credits!






















Another cool part of the doc was discovering just how hands on Sarah Jessica Parker was in the show! In one scene we get to tag along on an outfit fitting where the whole time she gives tips to the costume designers on how to make the outfits really ‘pop’ (which I’m sure they loved lol!). In another  she mentions they should spray down a hat with hairspray so the flowers on them don’t come off, or mentions they should add a belt to a certain dress to make it look more vintage.

Then there’s how opinionated she was on set! In one scene just before the cameras were set to role she tells show creator Michael Patrick King she feels Carrie’s apartment should look ‘messier’. To her the shelf setup looked too much like an IKEA store with everything placed perfectly. and that they should toss some old old CDS on them, mess up the shoes etc. The documentary also gives you a behind the scenes glimpse into Cynthia Nixon (who plays Miranda Hobbes) directing one of the episodes. So cool!

‘And Just Like That’ is a great doc definitely worth checking on only on HOB Max!