When I asked about gender reveals on Facebook, let’s just say I got an answer I wasn’t really looking for – a funny story about a guy at a party who… 


I mean… technically a gender reveal is just that, but I’m talking about when parents-to-be ‘reveal’ their baby’s gender to their friends and family in a clever way.  Usually, the parents also are also in the dark before the dramatic ‘reveal’ event.


We go way back to 2005 when we were pregnant with my first child.  When you’re pregnant with your first, you eat up all the little clues you can get as to who your child will be!  (“They’re the size of an avocado!”) So finding out the gender is SO exciting. But back in 2005, it was considered ‘unethical’ to use ultrasound to reveal gender.  So we just had to try to decipher that ultrasound photo and hope for a clue from the technician.


Many of us old school parents don’t really get gender reveals.  We kind of loved the fun, the suspense of actually just calling our friends and family to tell them we had a healthy baby! But I can also see how it could be a super fun part of your baby shower to celebrate.


One of the more common gender reveals involves having the info given to a baker who then creates a cake that is either pink or blue inside.  Another fun one is to have a box full of blue or pink balloons that you open up. You can use a pinata or a balloon filled with confetti. The ideas are really endless.


And of course they can go really over the top like this gang (Yes, he is crawling out of a her life sized pinata belly):

By the way, you can stop sending me the fart gender reveal… which I would love to share with you hear but this is a family-friendly station.