It’s a big night for Adele tomorrow night (Saturday), the singer hosting SNL for the first time! Not only that it’s her first public appearance since her massive weight loss!

SNL tweeted a photo this week of Adele seriously studying her notes in the studio. It’s clear the 32 year old’s taking the gig serious and for good reason!














No matter how big of a star you are, hosting SNL is a freakin’ big deal! Not only do you have to be funny and keep the show going, you have to smoothly read off the teleprompter, be ready to bust out your best improv if the show goes off the rails (hey it’s live TV, anything can happen) and on top of it all perform your songs!

With this being Adele’s first time ever hosting any kind of event, I get it girl, the nerves are high!

You know what though, if there’s anyone that can just roll with the punches and be her authentic funny self, it’s Adele, based off this promo she’s clearly up for the task and going to knock it out of the park.

(Show promo with musical guest H.E.R and SNL’s Kate McKinnon)

And if all else fails, if you gets up there and completely blank on your opening line, just tap on the mic and say “Hello? It’s Me!”

Works everytime.

– Vanessa xox