Sometimes I wonder how I managed to make it this far.

Last weekend I was at a show and needed to use the bathroom before we sat down to enjoy the movie. I went to the bathroom like Charmin says we all do, but noticed something very different than what I am used to seeing.

(Not a medical issue but thanks for asking)

When I went to wash my hands I noticed a guy beat me to the sink. So, I waited my turn but couldn’t help but notice he did something I have never done before. Rather than hit the tap on to get water, wet hands, apply soap…he did it the opposite way.


He started the tap like I do, but rather than wet his hands he immediately went for the soap dispenser and put a few drops of soap on his hands first. And then worked the soap all over his palms and then rinsed them off. Hand dryer and them out.

I think I sat there staring at my hands for a few minutes completely confused.

I have been washing my hands wrong all along. I’m the guy who turns the tap on, then rinses a little, and then applies soap. I tried it his way.

I have been wrong the whole time.

Lesson Learned: If you really want to do a great job of washing your hands properly, you have to apply the soap first, slowly work it dry on your palms, add a little water and you have washed your hands thoroughly and properly!

I never knew this before last weekend.

I now know the perfect hand….wash.