Mother’s Day is coming up!  Shout out to teachers for putting together amazing memorable crafts that our littles bring home.  Dads… it’s time to get it together so that you aren’t scrambling and heading to Shoppers or the gas station to battle out for the last stray card on the stand!

Here are some real life tales of some disappointing gifts received by local moms…

“Nothing.”  Come on, dads…

“A diet chocolate bar because I was on a diet.” Okay, dad gets some points for at least remembering and respecting mom’s current struggle, but if you’re going this route, do something non-food related or maybe a fruit bouquet or some trashy magazines that mom can enjoy guilt-free.

Why not give mom some time to herself.  Give her the day off – but don’t let her come home to more work.  Keep the house tidy or get one of those house projects done! Send her off with a gift certificate to a yoga class or a float, or send her shopping with a gift certificate to her favourite shop whether it’s Lululemon or Sephora – somewhere we can’t spend the money on someone else or, god forbid, something useful.

Your special day is coming up next and chances are, she’s already got something picked out for you.  So make a little effort and take a moment to show her you appreciate her and the things she does for your family.

You could also win a fun prize for her with PulseFM’s Mother’s Day contest!