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Let’s be honest a little blue sky goes a long way in putting a smile on your face. We’re all grins this week with a forecast made for a picture-perfect spring day on the west coast. This is the kind of weather we wait months for, that isn’t pouring rain and having us wade through puddles. So, feel free to feel smug and Instagram or Snapchat a photo to your friends and relatives back east where you’re at the golf course or in your tennis shorts or simply sipping a cold beverage outside. More than anything when you get outside you should spend some time among the trees. Recent studies have shown that going to a park or even just looking at a tree can significantly improve a persons well-being. It isn’t hard to see what role trees take in our lives from filtering our air to providing natural shade to making our homes. Some doctors believe spending more time out-of-doors can improve your memory, increase attention levels in children and even bring communities together. These are just some of the reasons people here don’t mind being called tree-huggers. But don’t take my word for it. Get outside and fill your lungs with fresh, tree-filtered air, walk around the block, pet the neighbours dog or simply go outside during your lunch break and close your eyes and clear your mind for a moment. And, as an as an aside Egan Davis, Head of the Horticulture Training Program at UBC will be our special guest at 7:15 am with 107.7 Pulse FM

Ian Power