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It’s the song you gotta have a lotta beers in you to attempt!

To this day, Dolly Partons ‘I will Always Love You’ remains one of the most romantic ballads ever recorded and one of the hardest songs to sing (Whitney Houston of course is known for her version she did for ‘The Body Guard’ movie).

And last night, Kelly Clarkson added her name to the list of artists who’ve sang it, belting it out at the 57th American Country Music Awards in front of Dolly herself who was host of the show. Talk about pressure! Check it out! 


Kelly absolutely nailed it, but did you know the song isn’t actually about romantic love? Say wha!

According to Dolly, she wrote it back in the 70s after she announced she was leaving the Porter Wagoner Show which for 20 years was known as the most successful country music half-hour show in history, where some of the biggest names sang alongside Dolly and Porter including Hank Williams, Jr., Mel Tillis, Jerry Reed, Willie Nelson and more!  Her and Porter had a tight-knit relationship and were business partners for seven years, so the split obviously came as a giant shock to him!


Apparently he took is so personally Dolly didn’t know what else to do but write him a song explaining that it was simply time to spread her wings but that ‘I Will Always Love You!’

Not only did Porter cry when he heard it, he called it one of the best songs she’d ever written.

And the rest is history. Now…someone pass the Kleenex NOW!!!

– Vanessa