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Photo: AP

I am at the magical moment where all three of my children will:

  • sit through a movie;
  • sit through the SAME movie; and
  • willingly attend a movie with family.

So, while movies cost an arm and a leg with all these kids, they are a decent investment – we all enjoy them and they provide topic of discussion later.

We recently saw Black Panther.  While I would probably NOT have taken my first 6 year old to see this movie, my daughter is the youngest of two boys and has seen her share of superhero and less-than-age-appropriate cartoons.

With a PG rating, I felt it was okay for all three of my children between 6 and 12 to watch.  There is no swearing in this movie.  There is, of course, some violence, but none of it is gory or over-the-top, and to be honest, some of the fighting scenes show more like dancing due to the intricate choreography!

With a run time of over two hours, my tired little girl fell asleep in those comfy recliners.  Which is unfortunate because I feel this movie is important not only for showcasing racial diversity, but the fact that there are women and girls in positions of power and authority, that work together to problem-solve and are true equals in this movie!  Literally, an army of women, and it never feels forced or trite; the costuming is beautiful but not overtly sexual.

The concept and backstory might be too much for most younger children to comprehend (some 4-5 year olds behind us seemed to get a bit antsy) but all in all this is a great movie and not too scary or violent for children in my opinion.