Jimmy Kimmel and his wife are proof that when it comes to marriage – wife knows best!

One of the best moments from this years Emmys was when Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimmel lit one of the nomination envelopes on fire and couldn’t put it out!

Kimmel’s wife Molly McNeary was working as a stage producer for the show and was directly backstage when the whole incident went down or should I say blew up.

The original plan was for the envleope to be lit and Aniston put it out in one try.

Aniston thought she had got all the flames, when all of a sudden the envelope reignited once again, sending TV crews freaking out backstage and about to run on with buckets of water.

McNeary said it’s then she turned to the crews and reminded them her husband of seven years “lives” for unscripted, live-TV moments like this and to “just give them a second.”

Wow – trust, much?!

Ha I can only imagine the whole Staples Centre is on fire, and there’s Molly “Come on babe, you got this! Almost there!”

It was actually Aniston who didn’t miss a beat regrabbing the extinguisher and putting out the blaze once and for all, but still thanks to McNeary, a call to the local fire department was diverted, with the whole thing making for one of the funniest (and scariest!) moments of the night.

And a reminder that the best relationships are built on trust.  In this case, EXTREME trust!