Good news water babies and fishies of all ages!

All eight City of Surrey outdoor pools are now open! Yeeees! You know it’s summer in Surrey when!

While most kids associate pools with lazy days of summer fun – it was the opposite story for me growing up.

When I was five my Mom enrolled me in swimming lessons at the George Greenaway pool in Cloverdale.  “Finally I’ll learn how to swim! This will be fun!” I thought.

That is until I saw my instructor was a tall beastly, 6″1, ….MAN!

Until this point the only man I really knew was my Dad, and now you want this stranger bafoon to  PICK ME UP and teach me to swim? Forget it, he smells weird! (The poor kid was probably 18 tops)

I raced out of the pool screaming so loud I swear the other parents thought the guy must’ve been trying to murder me.

And that was it. My poor Mom. I never returned to swimming lessons, to this day my doggy paddle looks like more like a drowning dog.

Here’s hoping your swimming memories are better than mine!

For a list of pool locations and times throughout the city, click here!

– Vanessa xox